CPI's Leading Culture Change events are back!

April 24, 2023
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Effective leadership and communication play a critical role in transforming school culture.

The ability to create a positive culture where teachers and students thrive is an obvious ambition for all school leaders.

Unfortunately, schools can struggle to create this type of environment consistently.

‘Consistency’ is a word that has been batted around for many years on CPD powerpoint slides, OFSTED Inspection frameworks, leadership meetings and parent forums to name a few. They all reasonably acknowledge that consistent practice is essential to leading an effective school culture.

Consistent policy & practice

Achieving consistent policy and practice in a school is much more difficult than simply agreeing to be more consistent.

It requires all stakeholders to be on the same page working in a connected way. In order to create a school culture that fosters relationships, collaboration and success, there needs to exist a clear vision laid out from the leadership, creating a deep sense of purpose, belonging as well as accountability.

When we talk about "school culture," we are referring to the shared values, beliefs, behaviours and customs that shape the environment of a school.

This culture is built up over time, influenced by a variety of factors including the school's history, demographics, and leadership.

A positive school culture can have a significant impact on the success and wellbeing of students and staff alike. It promotes a sense of belonging, fosters mutual respect and support, and creates a safe and engaging learning environment.

The opposite is also true; a negative or toxic school culture can lead to high staff turnover, low morale and poor academic outcomes.

With all this in mind, CPI’s education division (formerly Pivotal Education) is relaunching and rebranding the highly successful Leading Behaviour Change seminars.

Behaviour management

Our Leading Culture Change events will demonstrate to school leaders the importance of relational behaviour management through the 5 Core Principles of behaviour management while offering an action plan template that schools can effectively implement, paving the way for a highly successful school culture. 

Leading Culture Change events look at the current landscape and then helps to build a strategic approach to implementation of a whole school culture change project.

These one-day events are part of CPI’s continued drive to further build expertise in schools, improve behaviour and reduce restraint and exclusions.

They illustrate the evidence-based practice developed by CPI in better understanding and improving behaviour as well as a 6 Core Strategies model providing the foundation for behaviour and culture change.

Included on the day (full LCC Benefits document available to download here):

  • Understand why managing staff behaviour is your priority and the costs associated with an inconsistent culture

  • Learn how to reduce complexity and disruptive behaviours while fostering positive student/teacher relationships

  • Develop a clear action plan to establish lasting change with the help of expert knowledge and guidance

  • Network with like-minded individuals with different experiences

  • Discover successful formulas previously proven to build expertise in schools, improve culture and reduce exclusions.

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