What is Bild ACT Affiliation and What Does it Mean for You?

24 November 2020
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The next major deadline for the RRN Standards is April 2021. Here’s what you and your organisation, including those in special or alternative education, need to do now to stay ahead of the game and to avoid any consequences.

Bild ACT Affiliation

Bild Association of Certified Training (Bild ACT) is the body responsible for the certification of training providers and services (either commercial or in house) whose training includes restrictive interventions.

It is licensed by the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) to certify training providers and services as complying with the RRN Training Standards.

From April 1st 2021, certification is a legal requirement for all NHS commissioned Mental Health Services and will become a statutory responsibility for all social care providers.

As a replacement for the BILD Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme (PIAS), the RRN standards will also apply to special education and alternative educational provision.

In the future it is anticipated that the RRN Standards will be more widely adopted by the Department for Education. Where applicable, the provision of Certified Training within service providers will be actively monitored and reported on by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Ofsted from April 2021.

As certification is a legal/regulatory requirement the CQC has powers to hold providers to account.

ISO requirements

CPI achieved Certified Provider Status in February 2020. However, it is no longer sufficient to say you and your organisation are certified simply because you deliver CPI’s training since the new standard is regulated via the United Kingdom Certification Scheme (UKCS) and must therefore meet the ISO requirements.

If you need help that goes beyond our normal customer service in relation to the training content and training delivery, you can engage with our new consulting arm, CPI Consulting which has been set up to provide extra help and guidance when it comes to implementing the provider aspects of the RRN Standards.

For the training that you, as a Certified Instructor, deliver within your employing organisation to be certified, you and your organisation must be affiliated to Bild ACT under the umbrella of CPI (as your Certified Provider).

Bild ACT publishes a list of all certified training services (including affiliated organisations) on its website. The list includes certified courses and the names of trainers who are certified to deliver them.

Affiliation, is not just about the training you deliver, it is an ongoing commitment by you and your organisation to meet the RRN training standards, strengthening the governance around your provision of physical interventions training and providing assurances to commissioners and regulators.

We are currently finalising our processes to ‘onboard’ affiliate organisations with Bild ACT and we will be contacting you shortly with more details.

RRN Training Standards

If you want to get ahead of the game, take a look at the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards and think about how your organisation meets each Standard, how you can evidence meeting it, and for those that you are not currently meeting, think about how you can start to work towards meeting them.

With an April 2021 deadline looming, we want to make sure you have this on your radar and although things may change, we wanted to let you know that here at CPI we are building our capability to support you in achieving affiliated status.

Certified Instructors should look out for an email from us in the very near future. In the meantime, if you have questions about affiliation, or CPI Consulting, please contact our Quality Team on 0161 929 9777.

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