Prevent and Break Up Fights Safely in School

One in four teachers witnesses a fight between pupils in school on a weekly basis.


Provide your staff with the confidence and ability to better recognise, prevent and respond to fight incidents in school.

Behaviour Survey Highlights

Why School Staff Need to be Trained to Break Up Fights

Sources: CPI School Behaviour Survey and Teacher Tapp Survey 2023

1 in 4

of teachers witness a fight between pupils on a weekly basis.


of teachers feel they need to intervene when they see a fight.


of teachers state they are not clear on intervention guidance.

Programme Benefits

Breaking Up Fights: Intervention Skills Training

Breaking Up Fights Training is built for schools that want to promote a culture of safety for pupils and staff. This half-day, interactive programme contains essential learning to prevent fights, assess risk and respond with appropriate interventions.

Maximise safety

Train staff to intervene effectively and identify best practices to build resilience and prevent recurrent unwanted behaviour.

Empower decision making

Learn to recognise risk behaviour with CPI’s Decision-Making Matrix for the in-the-moment responses during conflicts.

Prevent escalating behaviour

Recognise behaviour patterns in both unplanned and planned fights and implement adequate prevention and verbal intervention strategies.

Remove ambiguity

Ensure clear guidance and best practices for intervening in fights as well as preventing panic during unexpected incidents.
“Empowering school staff with the skills to peacefully break up fights emphasises the commitment to a safe and nurturing learning environment alongside a culture of empathy, conflict resolution and understanding.”
Maria Taylor, Training & Development DirectorCrisis Prevention Institute

Improve School Safety and Empower School Staff

Educators should feel empowered in decision-making when facing a fight. They must feel confident enough that they are making the right choices when breaking up fights, especially when required to use a physical intervention with a pupil. This is critical for school staff and students’ safety and well-being alike.  

And yet, only 21% of educators reported being offered training from their schools for how to safely break up fights.

Having worked with educators for more than 40 years, we know that fights happen and staff need to intervene. But we wanted to put figures on this reality. In 2023, we asked 9,500 teachers and educators about behaviour management in their day-to-day job.

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The 30-Second Intervention for Teachers

You can make your classroom and school safer and more manageable by mastering a simple but effective intervention technique that can be used in as little as 30 seconds!

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