CPI Hearts & Minds INSET Training

Whole staff behaviour INSET that changes hearts and minds. This high-energy, interactive session is designed to motivate and positively influence teachers, school staff, and leadership alike with a view to improving the culture of the setting.

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Training Outline 

Key Features of the Training 

Setting up a Set of Principles
The secret to success in behaviour management is to have all staff demonstrating true consistency: consistent language, consistent rules, consistent expectations and a consistent culture. 
Enhancing Staff Insight and Skills
Experienced staff will get new insights and some useful reminders, while newer staff will gain direction and essential skills. All staff will see the path to consistent, calm behaviour. 
Bridging Theory and Accountability
Connecting the theory of the 5 principles of Classroom Culture with the understanding of professional accountability.
Cultivating a Culture of Connection
Setting the tone for a hearts and minds affinity to culture improvement.

Benefits of CPI Hearts & Minds INSET Training 

Improved Consistency 
Prioritise visible and audible consistencies within the education setting giving children and young people an experience of certainty that strengthens their sense of pride and belonging.  
Aligns with CPI Behaviour Continuum 
Develop better understanding of the levels of behaviour challenge that are presented and perfect an approach that places prevention at the heart of planned responses.    
Better Accountability and Responsibility 
Presents a framework of understanding to protect and improve relational approaches to behaviour management that isn’t overly reliant on status or hierarchies. 
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INSET structure

A half day INSET that is most effective when delivered to all staff.  An action plan and next steps are made with commitments for change being agreed by individuals, departments as well as whole school.

Maximizing Impact

CPI Hearts & Minds INSET is available as a standalone programme; however, it is far more impactful when implemented as a part of a wider strategic project.  The CPI Hearts & Minds INSET is powerful to kick start a behaviour change project with CPI Behaviour Health Check being used to bookend the project for impact assessment as well as use the CPI Classroom Culture programme to embed actionable behaviour management strategies that support a positive and relational approach. 

Training Impact

We collaborate with schools to cultivate a safe and positive environment.

Our training is critical for your schools and classrooms. Here’s the proof.


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