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We train de-escalation and behaviour management strategies to decrease conflict in the workplace with training solutions for every role and risk level, in any organisation.

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We empower all staff to create safe and respectful school and university environments. CPI provides behaviour training for all staff working in Education in various settings, ranging from mainstream to special needs education. 

All Education Programmes
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Health Care

We provide training to health care cities, hospitals and clinics, mental health, and rehabilitation facilities with a focus on patient-centred care. At CPI, we are dedicated to empowering all staff to create safe and trauma-informed environments. 

All Health Care Programmes
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Other Service Industries

We train service-oriented professionals with the skills to manage and de-escalate disruptive situations and reduce conflicts. From insurance to retail and transport to security sectors, we adapt our training to your company’s needs.  

Other Service Industries Programmes

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