CPI Prevention First Online Training 

CPI Prevention First easily complements your current workplace safety initiatives with this 30-minute online training. It gives all staff the skills to understand how to identify escalating behaviours, establish a common language across departments, and recognise when to call for help.

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Training Outline

Key Features of the Training

Prevention First Online Training is designed to provide all staff, from front desk workers to physicians, with the skills they need to create a safer workplace.

CPI Prevention First is a 30-minute online, on-demand training. The five modules guide staff through the unpredictable nature of workplace conflicts through realistic, high-quality video-based activities.

Benefits of Prevention First Online Training

Training that Works with Your Staff Schedules
Limit staff time off the floor with the 30-minute online, on-demand format that can be completed when and where it works best.
Recognising Escalating Behaviours
Learn how behaviour can escalate, what steps you can take to reduce conflict and it is time to ask for another a staff member to assist with a situation.
Create a Common Crisis Response Language for All Staff
Reduce confusion by providing your staff with a common response language that is consistent and predictable.

How It Works

We register you and provide access to our online learning platform so that your staff can start training.

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Other Programmes

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Our training helps staff prepare for and reduce conflicts, creating a safer workplace.

Verbal Intervention

This programme focuses on prevention using verbal de-escalation skills.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills.

Safety Intervention Foundation

This training teaches staff de-escalation skills, non-restrictive and restrictive interventions.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills. 
Disengagement safety techniques. 
Risk assessment framework.
Physical intervention techniques.

Safety Intervention Advanced/Advanced & Emergency

The programme focuses on more complex or extreme risk behaviours.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills.
Additional non-restrictive and restrictive interventions for risk behaviour.
Explicit focus on safety intervention for extreme risk behaviour (including floor holding and other emergency interventions). 
Disengagement safety techniques.
Risk assessment framework. 
Physical intervention techniques. 
Expanded decision-making skills. 
Introduces the Brøset Violence Checklist. 

Full Training Suites by Sector

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Training programmes for schools to create safe and positive environments.
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Health Care
Training programmes for health care professionals to create safe and trauma-informed environments.
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Training programmes for service-oriented professionals to manage and de-escalate disruptive situations and reduce conflicts.
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