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Director of Product Management

Has primary responsibility for the commercial success and return on investment of new and revised programmes and products.  Leads “voice of the customer” team with a deep understanding of customer segments and market trends. Leads discussions and planning to turn customer pain points into successful programme and product offerings and builds business case with budget and revenue forecast. Responsible for post-launch profitability analysis.

Day-to-day tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Lead International product activity, as well as work with Sales, Marketing, Global Professional Instructors and directly with customers to identify unmet needs and to define opportunities for new or enhanced programs or products. Act as the steward of the product or program’s value proposition.
  • Oversee all customer insight, focus groups and market research activities
  • Has primary responsibility for developing and managing the overall business plan, building the P&L, and overseeing the successful design, commercial viability and successful launch of the programme or product.
  • Manage all aspects related to product pricing and positioning
  • Ability to develop and deliver solid Business case proposals to Board/ senior management
  • Understand and can guide the development of ancillary/supporting materials to aid inexperienced or time-strapped Instructors to deliver reliable and engaging training to the learners that they serve.
  • Collaborate with peers to identify the appropriate customers or experts to act as Subject Matter Experts in the design and the development of programmes and/or non-program products within their vertical.  
  • Responsible for identifying, hiring, and managing a cross section of qualified SMEs (e.g. an Advisory Panel) to advise and participate in all aspects of design, review and testing of programme components.  
  • Has solid financial acumen; obtain and review financial data to measure profitability post-launch in order to make recommendations to improve performance or profitability of future offerings.
  • Take lead designing and executing the initial visioning workshop which includes the Instructional Design lead, GPIs and SMEs. Responsible for the commercial reviewing/testing of programs throughout the development cycle.
  • Work closely with counterparts in the US to align all aspects of the business, coordinate resource allocations, and the drive towards meeting the strategic objectives of the business
  • Must be in tune with the needs of part-time, inexperienced instructors 
  • Lead, develop, and mentor team members in the functional areas 
  • Make business decisions that are financially responsible, accountable, justifiable, and defensible in accordance with organisation policies and procedures.
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Training Delivery

Global Professional Instructor - French / English speaking / South of England-based

The Global Professional Instructor (GPI) is responsible for the effective and professional delivery of any or all CPI products this may include Consultancy, Customisation, Training, Instructor support and project work as required both in the UK, France and any other country where programmes may be commissioned.

Day-to-day tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • To maintain a high level of skills both theoretical and physical skills across key offerings.
  • To work closely with appropriate Director/GPM in developing and maintaining knowledge and skills in respect of key products.
  • To undertake non training role and responsibilities as required.
  • To take responsibility for managing their scheduled commitments regarding allocated training and or other support expectations.
  • To support and mentor new instructors as required.
  • To work closely with their relevant Director/Global Professional Manager (GPM) in ensuring that all delivery and or other duties are completed to a high standard.
  • To follow company procedures and protocols in respect of documentation and or submission of expenses and receipts, this to be completed in a timely manner in line with company expectations.
  • To support the development and growth of the company in all customer facing events, this could involve meeting existing and or new customers as required.
  • To attend conferences and support trade shows/stands as required.
  • Responsible for ensuring appropriate communications within the company regarding all aspects of training delivery.
  • To participate in any/all quality assurance mechanisms within the company, this will include annual appraisals.
  • To ensure that you have access to appropriate transport to enable timely and cost-effective arrival and delivery of scheduled training events It is an expectation that all employed GPI’s will have access to a car for the purposes of travel.
  • Working with appropriate others and as requested by appropriate Director/GPM being involved in developmental work around either product design or delivery.
  • Engaging in quality assurance mechanisms as required.
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Please send your application (CV and covering email) to Maria Taylor:

About us


If you want to work for a company where your work matters, your contribution is recognised, and you can feel good about what you do, consider working for CPI.

CPI employees care about making the world a better place. You can feel it when you talk to us, see it when you step into our training classes, and feel it when you meet people who’ve used our strategies to help people in their care. To us, Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ is not only the core of our training programmes. This philosophy guides us in all we do.

We treat our customers, guests, and each other with dignity and respect. We are stewards of these principles.

Our mission is to provide our customers with training and resources to ensure safety for themselves, their colleagues, and the people in their care. We strive to provide our customers with a personal customer service experience each and every time they interact with us because we believe business should be personal.

Our Employment Philosophy

Wherever your professional talents lie, you will find rewarding work at CPI. You should consider joining us because we:

  • Recognise all employees as important, integral parts of our team.

  • Have hardworking employees who excel at what they do.

  • Promote qualified candidates from within whenever we can.

  • Provide a safe and pleasant workplace that embraces Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠.

  • Encourage employees to expand their knowledge and value to the company through educational opportunities.

  • Honour the value and strength of cultural diversity.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and competence. Our employment practices are not influenced or affected by an applicant’s or employee’s race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, disability unrelated to ability to do a job, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy governs all aspects of employment, promotion, assignment, termination, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.