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By Sandra Green, Training & Development Officer, Turning Point Scotland | Posted on 08.01.2017 | with 0 comments
Turning Point Scotland's Training & Development Officer, Sandra Green, describes the reasoning and process behind their transition to MAPA® Read more »
By Geoff Turner, Lesley Kandola, Global Professional Instructor | Posted on 06.27.2017 | with 0 comments
Lesley Kandola recently visited Singapore to deliver a MAPA® Foundation Course. Here she shares her experiences and what she learnt along the way. Read more »
By Geoff Turner | Posted on 06.05.2017 | with 0 comments
Launched in January 2016, St Andrew’s Healthcare’s MAPA® (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression) programme has now seen more than 1,800 clinical practitioners complete the course. Read more »
By Salli Midgley, Assistant Director of Nursing at Humber NHS Foundation Trust | Posted on 05.03.2017 | with 0 comments
Salli Midgley, Assistant Director of Nursing at Humber NHS Foundation Trust highlights the impact and changes that a series of specially designed CPI workshops has had on the reduction of restrictive interventions on their Millview Lodge unit. Read more »
By Jenny Holt | Posted on 03.17.2017 | with 0 comments
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By Erin Harris | Posted on 02.10.2017 | with 0 comments
Person-centred care can be defined as a philosophy of service provision where services are responsive to each individual’s unique needs, values and preferences. Read more »
By Dave Cartlidge, Wrixon Care | Posted on 02.08.2017 | with 0 comments
Dave Cartlidge takes us through the decision-making process he and his organisation went through, and what prompted him to choose MAPA® to meet their needs. Read more »
By Lynne Phair, Independent Consultant Nurse | Posted on 01.31.2017 | with 0 comments
Guest blogger, Lynne Phair, discusses Sit&See® training highlighting where it fits with MAPA® as a primary preventative strategy.  Read more »
By Chris Stirling | Posted on 01.26.2017 | with 0 comments
Following recent reports across a number of sectors of targets being missed and the ongoing use of face-down restraint, it's worth revisiting some of the more recent studies into alternatives for emergency interventions. Here, CPI's Senior Vice President, Chris Stirling, outlines some of the research he was involved in last year. Read more »
By Chris Stirling | with 0 comments
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