10 Tips for Defusing Problem Behavior

5 May 2016
Open book in a classroom setting

Crisis behaviors don’t become fires without sparks. There are always warning signs that tell you when a student’s behavior is escalating. I made this video to show you how to use the best response to de-escalate a behavior before a spark can become a fire.

The information I present in this video is from CPI’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training and three free resources:

I train three to seven staff members for each of our buildings in CPI concepts. Realizing the value of the concepts for all staff, I wanted a way to share these techniques regularly with everyone. So I created this video to be housed on our school corporation website. Every staff and faculty member each year must watch the video and sign off that they have done so. In order to make the presentation engaging, I elicited the help of my sons for videotaping and graphics. It was such fun to make.
Let me know how these prevention techniques work for you!

Janice Brown is from Muncie, IN, having graduated from Indiana University and Ball State University with education degrees. She is licensed to teach special and general education with concentrations in emotional disabilities and autism, as well as other disabilities. She is employed by Yorktown Community Schools as a special educator and behavior resource, and provides CPI training for staff. Janice is married to Kevin, an IT security network administrator. Their children are Kenneth, 27, Thomas, 21, and Katherine, 19.