New: Classroom Culture Training

22 April 2022
Teacher at a table surrounded by students smiling

We’re proud to offer this new market-critical training programme aimed at providing an immersive, proactive and consistent approach to sustain positive classroom environments.

Schools all over the world apply a tiered framework, most frequently the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) pyramid, to prevent problematic behaviour.

While each tier takes into account the levels of support and intervention students need depending on their social, emotional, and behavioural needs, they don’t necessarily account for how adult behaviour influences and impacts the culture of a classroom.

CPI fills that gap with Classroom Culture training, by providing techniques and principles that focus on the environment itself. 

This new perspective on the PBIS framework is more critical than ever, as mental health, wellbeing and anxiety in the classroom is a major concern.

Anxiety can quickly surface into behavioural problems, so proactively approaching classroom culture is crucial to preventing crisis moments.

To make this programme consistently effective, we’ve built the training to fit seamlessly into any framework currently in use within your school.

Classroom Culture stands on five core principles: 

  1. Consistent calm behaviour 

  1. Sustainable routines 

  1. First attention to best conduct 

  1. Scripted interventions 

  1. Restorative approaches. 

Each provides practical techniques that help prevent or mitigate the need for de-escalation interventions.


  • Applies a common framework that provides your teachers and staff with sustainable and practical standards that they can implement. 
  • Virtual delivery removes the need for in-person instruction, eliminates travel expenses, and cuts down on time out of the classroom. 
  • Classroom Culture works alongside and enhances your existing behaviour management initiatives, making concepts easy for teachers to adopt, implement and repeat. 
  • Recurring renewal costs are eliminated. A lifetime certification makes this a cost effective training solution. 

If you are interested in fostering a positive culture within your school, Classroom Culture is the ideal programme to build your foundation upon. With more than 40 years in evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention training, CPI programmes are the gold standard for educational institutions.  

*Watch our Introducing Classroom Culture webinar.

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