Why Choose Direct Delivery Training?

3 March 2023
People on a training course

Many organisations are looking for flexible and quick solutions to help staff handle situations they find challenging with the utmost Care, Welfare, Safety and Security.

Crisis Prevention Institute delivers training that provides the necessary skills, empowering staff members to work with care and confidence.

CPI’s training equips staff with the right attitude, knowledge and techniques to respond to distressed service users and situations.

And to address the needs of all types of organisations and their varying needs, CPI offers a range of training delivery options.

Training delivery options

Our train-the-trainer model allows Certified Instructors within your organisation to onward deliver to their colleagues.

We also have our direct delivery offering, where we send one of our own professional instructors to deliver training to your staff in your setting.

For smaller organisations, where there is a need to only upskill a few staff at any one time we also have another option.

A bit like the direct delivery model but for organisations who may not have many available staff who can be trained, or perhaps not have the facilities for training them, we have created events whereby CPI customers can send up to six staff to be trained by CPI in Safety Intervention Foundation at one of our training centres.

When attendee numbers are below six, this would be a more cost-effective solution compared to an organisation hosting its own event.

There may also be times when new staff join the organisation and the time between renewals doesn't suit the immediate need to upskill in CPI training.

By sending individual staff on one of these events, you can maintain the same high standards when working with distressed behaviours, all while ensuring budgetary restrictions are managed.

Training facilities

Some organisations we partner with sometimes find it difficult to secure a venue or find the right space to host the training and prefer the ease of sending staff to an external venue to be trained.

So the option of going to one of our training centres in the UK provides a solution for when securing a training space within an organisation becomes problematic or too costly.

Of course, whichever delivery option is right for your organisation, there is always the positive impact our training has on improved staff confidence and morale.

With the right training approach, you can equip your staff with the skills and knowledge needed to support service users with confidence, helping you to ensure that all staff are consistently training to a high standard and following best practice.

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