CPI Breaking Up Fights: Intervention Skills Training

Breaking Up Fights Training is built for schools that want to promote a culture of safety for pupils and staff alike. This half-day, interactive programme contains essential learning to prevent fights, assess risk and respond with appropriate interventions.

Education professional intervening in a fight between children at school.

Training Outline

Key Features of the Training

Strengthening safety and staff response
Train staff to intervene effectively in fights and identify best practices to build resilience and prevent recurrent unwanted behaviour.
Empower decision making
Learn to recognise risk behaviour, use CPI's Decision-Making Matrix for the in-the-moment responses during conflicts.
Prevent escalating behaviour
Recognise behaviour patterns in unplanned vs planned fights; implement adequate prevention and verbal intervention strategies.
Remove ambiguity
Ensure clear guidance and best practices for intervening in fights as well as preventing panic during unexpected incidents.

Benefits of CPI Breaking Up Fights Training

Promote a Culture of Safety
Maximise safety and minimise harm to all involved with our best-practice preventative, verbal and physical intervention skills.
Inspire Staff Confidence
Enhance preparation skills, ‘in the moment’ judgment and resilience-building methods to build confidence in staff who face unpredictability during the working day.
Peace of Mind for Parents
Give parents the comfort of knowing that staff have received expert training to recognise, prevent and manage escalating behaviour that could cause harm to pupils.

Business Impact

We collaborate with schools to cultivate a safe and positive environment.

Our training is critical for your schools and classrooms. Here’s the proof.


of participants would recommend this training to a colleague.


of participants felt confident to apply their new skills to their professional career.


found the guidance provided within the course to be valuable.

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Training Method

This half-day course is suitable for up to 24 participants. Your school can schedule two courses within an INSET, with the first course delivered in the morning and another during the afternoon. Staff will be certified to practise physical skills for two years.  

A group of students walking down hallway.

Maximising Impact

Breaking Up Fights Training is available as a standalone programme; however, it is far more impactful when implemented as a part of a wider strategic project. 

Breaking Up Fights Training is powerful to manage incidents of conflict, with CPI Behaviour Health Check being used to bookend the project for impact assessment and Classroom Culture Training to embed actionable behaviour management strategies that support a positive and relational approach.

How it Works

Our team will explain the programme activities and set up a training date that is suitable for your school.

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