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CPI Training Achieves Measurable Results

Our evidence-based training includes person-centered and trauma-informed approaches to help you make an effective impact across your organization.


of schools improved staff skills and confidence.


of health care facilities reduced challenging behavior.


reduced workers’ compensation claims by more than one-third.

Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

Find your CPI training program
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CPI Training Solutions Designed for Your Industry

Industries We Serve

Our industry-leading programs provide the skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to crises in the workplace.

  • CPI Training for Schools

    CPI is the leading provider of trauma-informed de-escalation training for educators and support staff. Implementing our evidence-based training school-wide yields positive, long-term results, including decreased challenging behavior, higher academic success, and increased staff retention.

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Introducing Reframing Behavior

This schoolwide training program unpacks the latest neuroscience research to help all educators build a more positive, supportive learning environment and prevent disruptive behavior. Subscriptions now available.

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Customize Your Training by Staff Roles and Risk Levels

We provide scalable, customizable training solutions to ensure that all staff receive the right de-escalation skills and techniques based on their role and risk level.

Verbal Intervention Training
Ideal for organizations with a hands-off policy, this program instills the confidence and skills to verbally de-escalate disruptive behaviors.
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
Provides staff with the skills to safely recognize and respond to everyday crisis situations, including safe disengagements and restrictive interventions.
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NCI With Advanced Physical Skills
For staff that support people who demonstrate dangerous or complex behavior, the program teaches safe and advanced disengagement skills.
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