Dementia Capable Care Training

Now 100% virtual, CPI Dementia Capable Care Training, 2nd Edition is an evidence-based dementia and behavior training program designed for health care workers.

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Benefits of Dementia Training

Dementia Capable Care Training (DCC) training provides front-line staff and health care workers with the tools they need to be the best care partner for those living at different stages of dementia. To help you drive measurable results, the program blends the Claudia Allen Cognitive Disabilities Model, showing you how to support persons at all cognitive levels and dementia stages, with Kitwood’s model of person-centered care and CPI’s verbal de-escalation techniques.

Reduce pharmacological interventions

DCC provides you with the training and tools to prevent and de-escalate distress behaviors without using drugs (nonpharmacological interventions).

Training partners you can trust

Kim Warchol and her team of experts have been leaders in the field of dementia care and memory care programming and design for over 30 years.

Easy access with 100% virtual training

Instructor certification is achieved through virtual training to keep your high-risk population safe, minimizing staff time off the floor and eliminating travel costs.

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“Register Now” to find a DCC program that works for your schedule. Or schedule a call with one of our team members to learn more about how our dementia training can benefit you and/or your organization.

Additionally, explore our new DCC Specialist Credential Training program listings - a modified offering of the full DCC program for practitioners wanting additional training and credentialing for their own professional development.

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Philosophy of Training

“We focus on what those living with dementia can still do, awakening their strengths and potential at every dementia stage. We enable them to engage in meaningful activities at their best ability and to thrive. Together, we can create a Dementia Capable Society.”

-Kim Warchol, Founder and President of Dementia Care Specialists

How It Works


Register for training

Find a virtual class that works for your schedule or contact us to schedule a custom course.


We train you virtually

Attend an online course and live virtual training, saving you time and eliminating travel costs, to become a DCC Certified Instructor.


You train your participants

We equip you with the knowledge and course materials to train and credential your participants in-person or virtually, reducing the time to learn and keeping your high-risk populations safe.