Voices of CPI Q&A Forum - Education

March 28, 2023
Training facilitator asking a question with people raising hands

CPI’s Global Professional Instructors are readily awaiting your questions!

 Our experts are here to answer your questions around behaviour in education settings!

Follow the links for answers to these questions:

If you have a question you would like answered by our team please get in touch by emailing communications@crisisprevention.com. Simply ask your question and either sign off your email with your name and job title, or if you would like to remain anonymous, then please state this in your email and we will keep your identity hidden.
Once you submit your question it will be passed on to one of our in-house experts for them to answer. Check this blog page the subsequent month or keep an eye out for the next installment of CPI’s monthly newsletter to see your answer.
Visit our pages for more information on the Classroom Culture train-the-trainer programme, our Hearts & Minds INSET, or how your school can get a Behaviour Health Check.

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