Why Be a Global Professional Instructor?

February 24, 2023
Paula Elliot

My positive experience of being a Certified Instructor, and being entirely committed to delivering CPI training, led to me applying for the position of a Global Professional Instructor (GPI) when the opportunity arose.

I've now been a GPI for over 7 years, and I have gained even more knowledge and experience working with CPI and delivering a wider variety of programmes.

I have great belief in CPI training. I deliver with high energy and passion, always planning and supporting my delivery so it makes the maximum impact. This means I am playing my part in helping to strengthen the organisations I work with as well as the CPI profile.

In this role you may work independently but we do work as a team  too. It really helps if you can maintain  good communication with fellow GPIs, the leadership team, our Global Professional Managers and the Directors of Training.

The Instructor lifestyle

The GPI role involves a lot of travel, and is a lifestyle choice. I, personally, really enjoy delivering the training  in lots of different countries and cities and getting to meet so many people. 

When you can see how the training impacts the participants and how they  return to their workplace to successfully implement the training and make a difference, it’s incredibly rewarding.

The training provides participants with the skills, confidence and knowledge of how to better support their staff and all those who they care for. As we say at CPI, our main role is to provide Care, Welfare, Safety and Security.

Because the GPI role is customer-facing , we are all aware that we are representing the company, and we all have that in mind when we walk into the training room. We are respectful, professional and polite and I feel very grateful and blessed for the work I do as a GPI.

I feel incredibly privileged and don’t feel like it’s a job. What’s more, I get to pass on my skills and knowledge and deliver the most professional training programmes in order to start organisations’ off on their positive behaviour journey.

If you're interested in joining CPI, see our careers page for our latest vacancies.

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