A Recruitment Agency’s Bild ACT Affiliation Journey

29 June 2023
Nurse smiling at a patient in a hospital room

NISI Staffing is an employment business, we specialise in connecting healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants (HCAs), with job opportunities in various healthcare settings, including hospitals in the NHS and in the private sector.
We act as an intermediary between healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring the right match between healthcare providers and job seekers.
We have been working with CPI for over six years. CPI has played a crucial role in helping NISI expand its business into the mental health sector.
I became the CPI Certified Instructor for Safety Intervention and this has allowed NISI to provide specialised Safety Intervention trained nurses into mental health settings; certified training is now a mandatory requirement in those settings in England.

Mandatory requirement for certified training

We have recently witnessed a significant shift in our industry as the affiliation with Bild ACT has become a mandatory requirement for all the major hospitals and settings we collaborate with.
As a medical recruitment agency, we understand the importance of aligning ourselves with reputable organisations like Bild ACT to ensure that we can provide the highest quality of care and support to individuals who need it most.
Our commitment to meeting these requirements ensures that we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients and maintain our position as a trusted partner in the healthcare sector.

Overcoming affiliation challenges

Initially, when I began exploring the process of getting affiliated, I found the entire application to be quite intimidating. The primary reason behind this apprehension was that, as a medical recruitment agency, we do not directly provide care services.
Consequently, it became challenging for us to demonstrate tangible evidence of how we could fulfil the requirements for affiliation.
I am delighted to share that CPI has been incredibly supportive throughout the affiliation process. Sara MacGregor  in particular has been absolutely amazing in guiding and assisting me every step of the way.
Her expertise and dedication have been invaluable in helping me understand how our agency can successfully become affiliated. Sara has taken the time to patiently explain each question in the application, making everything clear and simple.
With CPI's assistance, I have gained a deeper understanding of the requirements and have felt more confident in navigating the process. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful the CPI team has been, and I am grateful for their outstanding support and Sara's exceptional guidance.

Above and beyond

CPI has consistently gone above and beyond, ensuring that support extends beyond the initial affiliation process. They have provided me with reassurance that their guidance will continue throughout the yearly renewal procedures as well. Knowing that I can rely on CPI's ongoing assistance and expertise brings me great peace of mind.
I am incredibly grateful for CPI's unwavering commitment to being there for me whenever I need guidance or support. Thank you immensely, CPI, for your dedication and continued commitment to helping me navigate the affiliation process and beyond.
Aneesa Hameed 
Safety Intervention Trainer 
NISI Staffing

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