CPI Safety Intervention Foundation Training

CPI Safety Intervention Foundation training, formerly known as MAPA®, is for those who need to prevent and/or intervene in crisis situations. The programme focuses on prevention and teaches staff de-escalation skills as well as non-restrictive and restrictive interventions.

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Training Outline

Key Features of the Training

Safety Intervention Foundation training incorporates trauma-informed and person-centred approaches. It is recommended for professionals who work in environments that require restrictive or physical intervention techniques. Participants will engage with seven modules and practical skills, including safety intervention and disengagement skills.  

Essentially, we have taken the term MAPA® which was used to describe the full curriculum and divided it into two distinct programmes:

  1. Verbal Intervention is the programme that enables you to teach all the CPI preventative approaches.
  2. Safety Intervention is the programme that enables you to teach all the CPI preventative interventions plus the disengagements and/or holding skills.  
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Recognise & Respond to Crisis Behaviour

The programme includes all of the elements included in the Verbal Intervention Starting with these previous skills you learn simple behaviour assessment and decision-making skills to ensure escalation is avoided. When faced with a behavioural crisis that places staff or others at risk of injury, you learn how to focus on the least-restrictive physical intervention to ensure the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of those you support.

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Safe Physical Intervention

We are the only training provider that includes physical interventions that have been independently risk assessed, following published research which demonstrates that they maximise safety and minimise harm and follows international standards of best practice.

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Evidence-Based & Internationally Accredited

Our evidence-based approach has been successfully used for over 40 years and is nationally and internationally accredited by IACET, RRN Training Standards, RQF and CPD. Safety Intervention training, formerly known as MAPA®, emphasises physical intervention as a last resort and only when appropriate to the level of risk.

Benefits of Safety Intervention Foundation

Improve Safety & Reduce Risk
Safety Intervention training is fully compliant with current statutory and legal requirements, ensuring a safer workplace for your staff.
Employee Performance and Better Outcomes
Preventing workplace crisis reduces staff burnout and increases feelings of safety and job satisfaction. By reducing conflict situations, it increases staff confidence and improves outcomes for the people you support.
Ensure the Well-Being of Those in Your Care
Our training has been used by over 15 million people to successfully manage challenging behaviour and to prevent or minimise the likelihood of a crisis.
Why we changed MAPA?
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Business impact

Our Training Supports your Organisation

We work with organisations to foster safe and positive environments. Here's how.


of Customers Improved Skills and Confidence


of Organisations Have Seen a Reduction in Crisis Behaviour


Years of Experience

Renewal Training Programmes

We provide multiple renewal certification programmes for Certified Instructors, with virtual and blended delivery options.

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How it Works

Our Training Approach

Once you have registered with us, our team trains your staff and equip them with the necessary tools to effectively teach your organisation. This is our training framework — train-the-trainer — that turns employees into in-house behaviour leads.

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Other Programmes

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Our training helps staff prepare for and reduce conflicts, creating a safer workplace.

Verbal Intervention

This programme focuses on prevention using verbal de-escalation skills.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills.

Safety Intervention Foundation

Formerly known as MAPA, this training teaches staff de-escalation skills, non-restrictive and restrictive interventions.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills.
Disengagement safety techniques.
Risk assessment framework.
Physical intervention techniques.

Safety Intervention Advanced/Advanced & Emergency

Formerly known as MAPA, the programme focuses on more complex or extreme risk behaviours.

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Trauma-informed training.
Prevention and verbal de-escalation skills.
Additional non-restrictive and restrictive interventions for risk behaviour.
Explicit focus on safety intervention for extreme risk behaviour (including floor holding and other emergency interventions).
Disengagement safety techniques.
Risk assessment framework.
Physical intervention techniques.
Expanded decision-making skills.
Introduces the Brøset Violence Checklist.

Full Training Suites by Sector

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Health Care
Training programmes for health care professionals and support staff to create safe and trauma-informed environments.
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Social Services
Training programmes designed to empower all staff, from carers to social workers, to create safe and trauma-informed environments.
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Training programmes for schools to create safe and positive environments.
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Other Service Industries
Training programmes for service-oriented professionals to manage and de-escalate disruptive situations and reduce conflicts.
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