Health Care Professionals

Make your facility safer for doctors, nurses, intake coordinators, and patients.

Training Programs Designed to Make your Facility Safe for Everyone

CPI training programs provide strategies and techniques for all levels of health care professionals from doctors and nurses to intake coordinators.

These strategies and techniques focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ of staff and the patients in their care with evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention approaches.

  • Prevent escalating behaviors among both staff and patients
  • Develop a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy
  • Meet your facilities’ state and federal legislation requirements

Health Care Success Stories

“If someone needed to utilize or reflect on a study to help ascertain whether or not they wanted to invest in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training for their staff, this study is actually what can prove that 2% of payroll reduces 23% of violence.”

Dr. Sally Gillam
Saint David’s South Medical Center in Austin, TX

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Renewal Programs

We provide a variety of certification renewal options for Certified Instructors, including a dual certification offering that combines nonviolent crisis intervention techniques with training for staff providing care for those living with dementia, or cognitive disabilities. We also offer a specialized renewal for staff working with patients impacted by trauma.

CPI Delivers Results


Improved de-escalation skills and overall safety

94% improved de-escalation skills and overall safety

94% of health care organizations saw CPI training improve staff de-escalation and overall safety.

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Reported a reduction in restraint

54% reported a reduction in restraint

54% of facilities reported a reduction in restraint by 50-100% since implementing CPI training.

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Reduced challenging behaviors

60% reduced challenging behaviors

60% of facilities have reduced challenging behaviors by 30% to greater than 50% since implementing CPI training.

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Foster a safe, respectful facility that focuses on the well-being of staff and patients.

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