Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® With Advanced Physical Skills

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® (NCI) With Advanced Physical Skills equips your staff with the decision-making skills needed to confidently assess and address risk in the face of complex behaviours. It combines verbal intervention strategies and restrictive interventions with advanced physical skills for high-risk scenarios such as those that require floor intervention. Instructors can customize training to each staff member’s individual risk level.

Participants who complete the training become certified to teach VI, NCI, and NCI With Advanced Physical Skills at their organization.

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Benefits of NCI With Advanced Physical Skills

Proactively & Safely Respond to Workplace Violence

Instructs learners on safe and advanced deceleration, disengagement, and physical intervention techniques for situations involving dangerous behaviours.

Improve Decision‑Making Skills

Enhances the ability to intervene in high- and medium-risk situations that don’t require advanced skills.

Minimize Physical Interventions

Teaches why and how to apply safety interventions and disengagement techniques for escalating risk behaviours.

Recognize & Respond to Defensive Behaviours

Explains both why and how to apply limit‑setting strategies when verbally intervening to de‑escalate defensive behaviours, as well as to recognize opportunities for post‑crisis learning.

Understand What’s Behind the Behaviour

Explores the effects of trauma and the psychology of the brain on the person in crisis as well as the responding individual.

Address the Needs of the Individual

Takes a person-centred focus to help ensure a consistently inclusive and culturally sensitive approach to a person displaying crisis behaviour.

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NCI With Advanced Physical Skills is available as a blended (Online, Live virtual & In-person) Instructor Certification Program. Find a class that works for your schedule.

CPI Offers Training for All Risk Levels in Your Organization

CPI training programs are customizable and scalable, ensuring the right staff acquire the right skills. For example, the de-escalation skills taught in Verbal Intervention and the disengagement skills taught in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® are also taught in NCI With Advanced Physical Skills. Learn more about the levels of training CPI offers.

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How CPI De-escalation Training Impacts Your Business

Ensure the Well-Being of Those in Your Care
CPI training has been used by over 15 million people to successfully manage challenging behaviour and to prevent or minimize the likelihood of a crisis.

Increase Staff Resilience
Training staff to safely address disruptive behaviours can increase job satisfaction, improve employee performance, and reduce turnover.

Maintain Compliance
CPI training is designed to help you achieve and maintain compliance with current legislative initiatives, regulatory requirements, and best practices.

How Training Works


We certify your trainers.

CPI Professional Instructors train and prepare selected staff to become Certified Instructors for your organization.

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Your trainers train their colleagues.

Certified Instructors conduct ongoing trainings to other staff using courses and materials provided by CPI.


Your staff gain skills and confidence.

Trained staff acquire the common vocabulary and practical expertise they need to safely address challenging situations.

Learn more about CPI’s training approach.

CPI training is critical for your business. Here's the proof.


of Health Care Organizations Agree

95% of Health Care Organizations Agree

CPI improved staff de-escalation skills, improved overall safety, and has become ingrained in our training.

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Over 50%

Reduction in Restraints by Security Professionals

51% of Security Reduced Restraints by More Than Half

And decreased the use of force, physical restraints and seclusions by 50% or more since implementing CPI training.

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Reduction in Staff Injuries

80% Reduction in Staff Injuries

Our skills help keep employees safe and help reduce workers' comp claims.

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