Education Professionals

Empower all staff to create safe and respectful school environments.

Training Programmes Designed to Manage Risk Behaviours

CPI training programmes provide strategies and techniques for all educational professionals, from the leadership team through to classroom and support staff.

These strategies and techniques focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security ℠ of all students and staff with evidenced-based de-escalation and crisis prevention approaches.

  • Prevent escalating behaviours
  • Intervene and de-escalate risk behaviours
  • Reduce or eliminate use of restraint

Education Success Stories

“CPI trained 45 front line staff including senior leaders, teachers and learning support assistants. The training, which was tailored to meet our specific needs, really helped to build staff confidence.”

Mark Senior, Head Teacher
Ravenswood School

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Renewal Programmes

We provide renewal certification programmes for Certified Instructors.

CPI Delivers Results


Improved skills and confidence

94% of customers improved skills and confidence

Our customers have seen significant improvement in staff de-escalation skills and overall safety across education and other sectors.


Reduction in crisis behaviour

83% of organisations have seen a reduction in crisis behaviour

De-escalation skills are essential in safely reducing challenging and crisis behaviour.


Years of experience

40+ Years of experience

CPI has helped create safer workplace environments, since 1980.

Create a safe, respectful school culture that enables students to thrive.

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