Tony Jace

Chief Executive Officer With CPI since 2009

“I want you to know how much we value your work to make a positive impact on the lives of the people in your care.”

Fondly referred to as our Red Bull chugging CEO, Tony implements our strategic initiatives and provides leadership to support our values and mission. Through staff growth, acquisitions, and program enrichment, he helps us make a difference for individuals and organizations around the world. He led us to achieve the prestigious ISA Business of the Year award in 2013, and in 2016, he won the Spirit of ISA award. Tony’s mantra is “Everyone—all-inclusively—deserves safety, security, and dignity.” In his spare time, he loves outdoor activities with his kids, golfing with his wife, and relaxing in the Northwoods. A native Minnesotan, Tony is a hard-core Vikings fan, but honors our love for the Packers too.
Favorite CPI Memory

I have so many favorite memories, especially around customers discussing how they’ve adopted the CPI philosophy and transformed their culture. I remember spending time with dozens of Certified Instructors at a bar near a pool in Disneyworld, during one of our Conferences. It struck me how committed our Instructors are to their craft, and the care they have for those they serve. We enjoyed partying into the early morning and loving all that life provides us. I’ll always value that night and so many other occasions of conversation and camaraderie. We have the best customers ever, and we will run through brick walls to help make them safer!

Fun Facts
  • I used to work at a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
  • My family and I spent six wonderful years in New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia during an earlier career role.
  • I’m terrible at golf, but love it dearly—a continuous theme in my life I’m sure I’ll never master, but will always keep tackling!
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