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CPI Training for Security Personnel

CPI training programs provide strategies and techniques for security personnel in all settings, including those working in correctional and juvenile facilities.

CPI Courses

Training Programs for All Roles and Risk Levels

CPI’s de-escalation training certifications focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of staff and clients. Security staff are taught empathetic approaches to crisis management that increase confidence and reduce the need for physical interventions.

Verbal Intervention
Ideal for security staff facing lower risk situations. Staff learn hands-off, verbal de-escalation strategies that deepen their understanding of the individuals they serve.
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
Teaches security staff how to de-escalate low to mid-risk behaviors. Staff learn introductory restrictive techniques that complement the verbal skills learned in Verbal Intervention training.
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NCI With Advanced Physical Skills
NCI With Advanced Physical Skills teaches security staff how to de-escalate the full spectrum of risk behaviors through both restrictive and nonrestrictive techniques.
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Make an Impact with CPI

Crisis Skills for Security Staff in Every Workplace

Our crisis prevention training empowers security staff across industries to build a culture of safety at their workplace.

Health care security guards
Our trainings teach hospital security personnel how to diffuse potential conflicts with empathy and compassion. Security guards are given the framework needed to understand nonverbal cues such as body language and how to de-escalate accordingly.
Juvenile facility security officers
De-escalating challenging juvenile behavior requires a deeper understanding of the developmental needs of youth adults. CPI training teaches security officers how to de-escalate in a supportive and constructive manner that considers the person behind the behavior.
Law enforcement officers
Our approach to de-escalation training in a law enforcement setting teaches how to identify signs of mental health crises and respond with strategies that increase public safety and reduce the need for use of force.

Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

“As far as CPI training is concerned, this is the best thing to happen to our facility. There’s a whole new mindset here.”
Jeffrey Martinez, Security ManagerBaptist St. Anthony’s Health System

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