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Crisis Prevention Institute Inc. is an international training organization committed to reducing workplace violence. We support research-backed methods to prevent and de-escalate crises across industries. Since 1980, we’ve helped train more than 17 million people, creating a safer workforce.

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Crisis Prevention Institute Launches New Neuroscience-based Training for Educators
June 17, 2024 — Reframing Behavior applies the latest neuroscience research to help educators create a positive learning environment and prevent disruptive classroom behavior.
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Crisis Prevention Institute Launches De-escalation Training Program for Retailers
June 10, 2024 — CPI's De-escalation and Violence Prevention Training for Retail equips all retail workers with the skills to stay safe at work, including how to manage disruptive behaviors, respond to hostile customer interactions, and recognize when to call for assistance.
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Majority of Respondents to Second Annual Survey of Health Care Professionals Fall Short of Benchmark for Workplace Safety
April 23, 2024 — According to the second annual Workplace Violence Prevention Training Annual Report for health care — which provides insight into the state of workplace violence prevention training in health care — the majority of health care professionals surveyed do not feel confident in their training, nor do they feel prepared to face the violence that continues to rise in their health care organizations.
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