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CPI Training for Health Care Facilities

CPI is the industry leading provider of de-escalation training for health care organizations. For more than 40-years, our workplace violence experts have partnered with health systems to implement customized training solutions that create an environment of safety, where all staff have the skills to confidently recognize and prevent incidents of violence among patients, families, and visitors.

Flexible De-escalation Training, Customized to Your Organization

Everyone has a role to play in fostering workforce safety—not just security and high-risk personnel. This means delivering the right training to the right staff across your entire organization. At CPI, our workplace violence experts partner with you to create a customized training program that ensures all staff—from front desk employees to physicians—receive the right training for their role and risk level.

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Assess Your System’s Workplace Violence Preparedness

Take our Workplace Violence Prevention Training Index survey to assess how prepared your organization is to prevent and respond to violence.

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CPI Courses

Training Solutions Designed for Your Unique Needs

At CPI, we know every health care organization is different. We’ll partner with you to assess your system’s current state of workplace violence prevention, so that our experts can design a training plan to fit your unique needs.

Add Specialty Topics

Enhance Your Training for the Patients You Serve

Add a CPI specialty topic to our foundational Verbal Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, or NCI With Advanced Physical Skills Training programs to customize your skills and techniques by staff roles and the patients you serve.

Understand trauma’s impact on patient behavior and meet the unique needs of those impacted.
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Mental Health
Explore mental health disorders and resources to apply a patient-centered approach.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Safely apply proactive intervention strategies when working with patients with autism.
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Make an Impact with CPI

Build a Culture of Safety with Enterprise-Wide Training

Take a closer look at how implementing CPI de-escalation training for all staff supports a safer health system for everyone.

Increase staff confidence and retention
Our training helps staff recognize and prevent workplace violence, building their confidence, and increasing their job satisfaction and retention rates.
Add relevant, hands-on training
We provide hands-on training, so staff gain relevant skills based on the patients they serve and the real-life scenarios they encounter.
Build a culture of safety
We design a training plan specific to your unique needs and risks, giving you the tools to achieve an enterprise-wide culture of safety.
“It’s an easy class to teach from a Certified Instructor perspective. It’s intuitive; it’s straightforward. And if there’s ever any questions or if any support is required, it’s at your fingertips.”
Kyle Graham, Clinical ManagerMcMaster Children's Hospital

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Hear from our contributing health care experts and CPI Certified Instructors as they share their insights and knowledge through our VOICES of CPI blog series. Topics include applying trauma-informed strategies, preventing workplace violence, meeting compliance, the importance of top-down leadership, and more to help you meet your workplace safety goals.

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CPI’s library offers access to free, downloadable guides and resources to help you expand your knowledge of CPI best practices. Included in our resources is the first‑of‑its‑kind Workplace Violence Prevention Handbook, authored by health care professionals to help you navigate the complex topic of workplace violence.

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Hear from CPI customers who have found success by implementing one of our workplace training solutions across their health system. And take a closer look at our portfolio of de-escalation training programs for health care professionals.

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