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By Emily Eilers | Posted on 03.20.2018 | with 0 comments
Children are looking to adults more than ever to take a bold step forward in establishing cultures of caring and safety in their schools. Training cultivates lasting empathy and kindness in the community of the classroom—ultimately leading to a safer and more caring world for all of us. Read more »
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 03.15.2018 | with 0 comments
Julie Hyland of Music & Memory® explains how the program helps people living with cognitive challenges find renewed meaning and connection through the gift of personalized music. Read more »
By Drew deLutio | Posted on 03.14.2018 | with 0 comments
Restorative practices support meaningful cultures of caring in which staff and students can connect, learn, and thrive. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 03.06.2018 | with 0 comments
On-site geriatric-focused education improves staff retention, supports positive outcomes for residents, and is a critical component to readying our culture to support the largest American population of elders yet. Read more »
By Nancy Kupka | Posted on 02.27.2018 | with 0 comments
Advocating for an aging loved one can be challenging, but these simple strategies can help you stay organized and effective as liaison between elders and their care providers. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 02.19.2018 | with 0 comments
Make sure that your training process for preventing workplace violence supports a meaningful culture of safety by checking its curriculum against OSHA’s guidelines. Read more »
By Terry Vittone, Emily Eilers | Posted on 02.16.2018 | with 0 comments
Special educator Pattie Steele explains how providing activities that involve creative thinking and expression can stimulate student participation and excellence in ways far beyond standardized testing. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 02.15.2018 | with 0 comments
In the wake of yet another mass shooting, our belief is simple: every person deserves a safe and peaceful world, and each of us can play a part in making that world a reality, because no effort one person might make is too small to matter. Read more »
By Dr. Robert Kizlik | Posted on 02.06.2018 | with 0 comments
Effective student management is rooted in experience—this veteran educator shares evidence-based strategies that really work. Read more »
By Courtney Wiher | Posted on 01.29.2018 | with 0 comments
Nobody likes to give bad news—but these pointers can help you facilitate difficult conversations at work in a professional, person-centered way. Read more »
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