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By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.20.2017 | with 0 comments
A former prosecutor’s tip for connecting with jurors is readily adaptable to helping calm an individual in crisis. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.19.2017 | with 0 comments
Defuse tension in a crisis by taking a Supportive Stanceā„ . Read more »
By Terry Vittone, Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.19.2017 | with 0 comments
Cyndi Pitonyak, educator and expert on PBIS, pairs the wisdom of her experience with a bundle of free resources that can transform students’ lives and improve school culture.   Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.18.2017 | with 0 comments
Mindful compassion can take a situation from conflict to connection. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.12.2017 | with 0 comments
With CPI’s latest eLearning offering, you have the flexibility and freedom to deepen your skills at your own pace, and you’ll earn a valued credential as a CPI Certified Autism Specialist in Education. Read more »
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 09.08.2017 | with 0 comments
Traumatic events can leave long shadows across our lives, but with resilience and courage, recovery is possible. Read more »
By Emily Eilers, Jane Butke | Posted on 09.07.2017 | with 0 comments
With practical tips for a positive, effective approach, a seasoned instructor shares even more of her insights on integrating CPI into the special education setting.     Read more »
By Emily Eilers, Jane Butke | Posted on 09.05.2017 | with 0 comments
A veteran teacher and Master Level CPI Certified Instructor shares her experience-based approaches for success in the classroom, all year long. Read more »
By Ryan Bridges | Posted on 08.30.2017 | with 0 comments
If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are caring for a loved one with some form of dementia, these practical tips can make daily life better for them—and for you.   Read more »
By Micah Robbins | Posted on 08.24.2017 | with 0 comments
Going through a difficult life event can make you feel alone—these tips can help you enrich your social circle when it feels like it's dwindling.   Read more »
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