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By Terry Vittone, Blog by Emily Eilers | Posted on 07.19.2018 | with 0 comments
With nearly 40 years working in mental health, Randy Frost’s experiences and insights highlight the way the field continues to evolve, identify the common values that make a person-centered perspective so important, and offer a hopeful perspective on humanity. Read more »
By Sara Holland | Posted on 07.17.2018 | with 0 comments
Nurse Educator Sara Holland saw an opportunity to build a bridge between siloed departments—her quick action strengthened collaboration and dramatically improved hospital safety. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 07.16.2018 | with 0 comments
The latest CMS requirements insist that long-term care partners apply an interdisciplinary approach to person-centered care that supports an individual’s best abilities to thrive. Dementia Care Specialists has responded with a powerful new training solution and innovative, enhanced curriculum.   Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 07.11.2018 | with 0 comments
You don’t have to be in charge to help historically siloed departments collaborate effectively to keep everybody safer. The right tools and talking points can help you get the buy-in of your peers and drive lasting culture change. Read more »
By Lizabeth Metzger | Posted on 07.06.2018 | with 0 comments
For many adults, driving is a critical part of maintaining a sense of independence and autonomy. A Dementia Care Specialists Global Professional shares her advice for broaching a conversation with a loved one about driving in a way that preserves their dignity—as well as their safety. Read more »
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 07.05.2018 | with 0 comments
New Mexico Statute § 22-5-4.12, concerning the use of restraint and seclusion in schools, became effective on June 16, 2017. Read more »
By Laura Seckington | Posted on 06.26.2018 | with 0 comments
To start developing an inclusive model at your school, integrate students with special education needs into mainstream learning environments. Laura Seckington shares her process for planning and developing an integrated classroom where all students can collaborate and thrive.   Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 06.22.2018 | with 0 comments
Environment of Care standards aren’t just about compliance or accreditation—they’re the way to sustain a culture of safety for staff, patients, and visitors. Read more »
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 06.14.2018 | with 0 comments
Violence prevention expert and police Captain Kyle Weygandt talks about the concept of an Integrated Experience. Read more »
By Terry Vittone, Nathan Cromer | Posted on 06.13.2018 | with 0 comments
SD SB46, an Act requiring South Dakota schools to adopt a policy limiting the use of restraint and seclusion, was passed into law on March 26, 2018. Read more »
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