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By Candice Rasa | Posted on 07.20.2017 | with 0 comments
Healthy boundaries are a key component of mental health. But what are they really, and how do you establish them in your relationships? Read more »
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 07.14.2017 | with 0 comments
Podcast host Terry Vittone introduces De-Escalation Tales, true stories told by CPI Certified Instructors about successfully de-escalating challenging behavior on the job. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 07.13.2017 | with 0 comments
Conflict management can be daunting, but CPI’s approach to setting limits will help you reach a positive outcome every time. Read more »
By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 07.10.2017 | with 0 comments
Limit setting isn’t just a skill for crisis prevention; it’s a tool that can help you negotiate any challenge, big or small. Read more »
By Terry Vittone, Nathan Cromer | Posted on 07.06.2017 | with 0 comments
Michigan HB 5417 limits restraint and seclusion to emergencies for the safety of the pupil or another, and requires training in the safe use of same.   Read more »
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 07.05.2017 | with 0 comments
In the end, it’s what we can give that counts the most: the best quality of life possible, regardless of disease, dementia, or disability. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 06.30.2017 | with 0 comments
In the heart of downtown, FlexMKE 2017 offers a wide range of ways to enjoy growth, relationships, and camaraderie. Read more »
By Dr. Rod Amiri | Posted on 06.28.2017 | with 0 comments
A substance abuse policy protects the development of your workplace, and demonstrates your capacity for compassionate leadership. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 06.22.2017 | with 0 comments
Treating key staff as assets instead of liabilities makes them better caregivers—and reduces the high rate of turnover that plagues memory care facilities. Read more »
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 06.20.2017 | with 0 comments
We encourage you to address most questions when they’re asked. But you might come across reasons to “park” certain questions or concerns. Read more »
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