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By Terry Vittone | Posted on 10.17.2018 | with 0 comments
This inspirational, in-depth interview with clinical excellence leadership at Therapy Management Corporation gives listeners the inside scoop on how better and more person-centered dementia care is more achievable than ever. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 10.12.2018 | with 0 comments
Trauma informed schools are in the spotlight as research continues to affirm the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and academic failure. Learn how trauma informed schools can enhance the potential of all students. Read more »
By Terry Vittone, Blog by Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.28.2018 | with 0 comments
Professor Rowand Robinson shares how the values of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training can fortify new teachers to enter the classroom with the confidence to face challenges safely and successfully. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.20.2018 | with 0 comments
In a single school year, more than 11 million days of instruction time were lost entirely due to out-of-school suspensions. Finding a solution has never been more imperative. Learn what you can do to make sustainable, positive changes in your school’s approach to behavior management. Read more »
By Dementia Care Specialists | Posted on 09.17.2018 | with 0 comments
Dementia Care Specialists’ upcoming Three-Day Instructor Program in Indianapolis, IN, is just one way that memory care partners can fulfill regulatory requirements and support individuals with dementia in a more caring and constructive way.   Read more »
By Dan Lonigro | Posted on 09.14.2018 | with 0 comments
Shifting your paradigm can awaken new possibilities for a positive experience in caring for a loved one with dementia. Senior Global Professional Instructor Dan Lonigro shares what he's learned since becoming a full-time caregiver for a parent with dementia. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.13.2018 | with 0 comments
A new UNICEF report confirms that the short-term and long-term effects of violence in schools are too great to be ignored. Learn more about five significant kinds of violence that impact students around the world, and what action you can take to help end violence in schools everywhere.   Read more »
By Terry Vittone,  Blog by Emily Eilers | Posted on 09.12.2018 | with 0 comments
Special educator Briona McKinney retraces her steps through more than a decade of work with children impacted by autism spectrum disorder. She shares how the guidance afforded by consistent training can provide the freedom to tailor support more effectively to children in need. Read more »
By T.D. Loftus | Posted on 09.10.2018 | with 0 comments
If you’re visiting a client, student, or patient at home or elsewhere off-site, these newly expanded and updated tips from Senior Level Certified Instructor and clinician T.D. Loftus can help you stay safer. Read more »
By Anna Ciulla | Posted on 08.30.2018 | with 0 comments
Guest blogger and clinician Anna Ciulla shares more helpful tips for family members of individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. Learn about the inpatient experience and how you can support a newly sober family member. Read more »
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