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By Emily Eilers | Posted on 08.21.2017 | with 0 comments
When faced with a busy schedule, is kindness really cost-effective? We put this question to the frontlines of health care, social work, and education—and the response from our Certified Instructors may surprise you! Read more »
By D.C. Foster   | Posted on 08.15.2017 | with 0 comments
From brain chemistry to community dynamics, choosing your words wisely has never been more important. I put the science of language to the test with my clinical staff, and saw how two simple words triggered a tidal wave of meaningful culture change at our hospital. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 08.09.2017 | with 0 comments
We’ve packed this post with free resources and training to help you jump-start a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security‚Ą† at your health care facility. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 08.08.2017 | with 0 comments
Why is dementia training so critical for staff? Because it can give memory care residents a second chance at enjoying life in a real way. Read more »
By Julie Porter | Posted on 08.07.2017 | with 0 comments
Looking back at our 2017 Instructors’ Conference, we celebrate the relationships, growth, and camaraderie that make being a Certified Instructor so meaningful. Read more »
By Terra Osbourne | Posted on 08.02.2017 | with 0 comments
Merely getting by isn’t enough, and merely getting old shouldn’t keep life from being worth living.   Read more »
By Candice Rasa | Posted on 07.20.2017 | with 0 comments
Healthy boundaries are a key component of mental health. But what are they really, and how do you establish them in your relationships? Read more »
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 07.14.2017 | with 0 comments
Podcast host Terry Vittone introduces De-Escalation Tales, true stories told by CPI Certified Instructors about successfully de-escalating challenging behavior on the job. Read more »
By Emily Eilers | Posted on 07.13.2017 | with 0 comments
Conflict management can be daunting, but CPI’s approach to setting limits will help you reach a positive outcome every time. Read more »
By Crisis Prevention Institute | Posted on 07.10.2017 | with 0 comments
Limit setting isn’t just a skill for crisis prevention; it’s a tool that can help you negotiate any challenge, big or small. Read more »
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