Top 10 Recommended ASD Websites

March 29, 2012
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In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, which on April 2 launches Autism Awareness Month, we’re providing links to organizations that offer excellent support to individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as to the parents and professionals that support people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We encourage everyone to share in the Comments section other resources they’ve found useful, and we encourage Instructors to share resources in the Instructor Community as well.

The resources provided below are ranked alphabetically. Please note that the links are provided as a courtesy. CPI cannot vouch for or take responsibility for information contained beyond files administered by CPI. Links from this page do not represent or imply the endorsement by CPI of commercial products or opinions.

Autism Internet Modules (AIM)
The AIM project provides parents and professionals with information for helping individuals with ASD achieve their highest potential. More than 35 free online learning modules include information on identification of ASD, how to understand behaviors and characteristics of individuals with ASD, transition of individuals with ASD to adulthood and employment, and numerous evidence-based practices and interventions.

Autism Society and Autism Society Canada
These organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of all affected by autism through education, advocacy, services, research, and support. Both sites are multilingual.

Autism Spectrum Disorders—
This site is a clearinghouse of information and articles.

Autism Spectrum Disorders From A to Z
This site features a collection of well-organized and easy-to-follow resource documents on a variety of topics written from parent and professional perspectives by sisters Barbara Doyle and Emily Iland. Great Spanish-language autism resources can be found here as well.

Cooperative Educational Service Agency 7
This site features six articles by autism consultant Susan Stokes on autism interventions and strategies for success. Topics include assistive technology, learning styles, effective programming for three- to five-year olds, structured teaching, and increasing expressive communication skills. There’s also some good information on seclusion and restraint, including information about Wisconsin’s new rules on seclusion and restraint, and information for staff on several topics including goal writing, visual strategies, diagnostic tools, workshops and conferences, and transition.

Manitoba Education
The province of Manitoba’s education site offers a wealth of programming ideas in its downloadable PDF titled “Supporting Inclusive Schools: A Handbook for Developing and Implementing Programming for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder.” You’ll also find a nice ASD PowerPoint on the main site, and some vignettes that serve as good case-study examples.

National Autism Center
The National Autism Center (NAC) is a nonprofit organization that serves children and adolescents with ASD by providing families, practitioners, and communities with comprehensive resources. In December of 2012 it released a manual for parents. The NAC's associate organization, May Institute, provides educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral health care services to individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities, as well as individuals with brain injury, mental illness, and behavioral health needs.

The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders
This multi-university center provides resources and professional development for professionals serving youth with ASD. Online learning options include foundational information on ASD that addresses evidence-based practices for early diagnosis, as well as for intervention and education.

This site includes articles, a bookstore, an online community, blogs, topical forums, newsletters, and links to research projects and service providers.

Positively Autism
This site provides tutorials, free teaching resources, games, book recommendations, and an online newsletter. You can sign up to receive their Daily Autism Freebies, which center on topics such as life skills, social stories, and visual aids, and you can participate in their online education modules.

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