Top 10 Resources for Educators

December 14, 2016
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From supporting students with special learning needs to improving test scores, expanding parental support, and reducing classroom disruptions, you're likely working harder than ever to help your students succeed.

Add to that the tasks of managing ever-growing class sizes and dealing with piles of paperwork, and it might seem almost impossible to accomplish everything AND enjoy your job.

To help YOU succeed, we're sharing some of our most popular resources of 2016. These top articles reached thousands of changemakers like you. Check them out, and pass them on!

1. 10 Ways to Reduce Bullying in Your School
From humiliation to death threats, school bullying is an epidemic. But there are steps you can take to prevent it—and STOP it.

2. Emotional Self Regulation: Techniques for Teaching
How do you teach a student who can’t control their reactions to stress? Check out this interview with Zones of Regulation creator Leah Kuypers for answers!

3. The Traumatic Effects of Bullying on Children
The effects of bullying extend far beyond the classroom and deep into adulthood. School principal Dr. Terry Ehiorobo shares steps your school can take to stop harassment and abuse.

4. How to Talk a Student Down From Violence
A 10-year-old boy is threatening to kill everyone in the room. What this school safety assistant does next might surprise you, and it prevents everyone from getting hurt.

5. Secrets From a Behavior Intervention Pro: How to Get Your Students to Cooperate
Safety Assistant Maria Navone has a knack for getting kids to listen and cooperate with her directives. Here’s what works for her.

6. Restraint Reduction and CPI training
CPI is restraint training, right? Actually, we teach that the safest restraint is the one that’s never used. Learn how you can prevent and reduce the use of restraint.

7. Trauma-Informed Care Resources
When a child has survived a traumatic event, their behavior is affected by what they’ve been through. These resources will help you help students who need your trauma-informed response.

8. Positive Behavior Support (PBIS) Resources
From online training modules to technical assistance for states and districts, these resources are designed to help you implement PBIS with success.

9. 10 Behavior Management Strategies for Paraprofessionals
With these strategies, you'll build a go-to tool kit for handling and preventing behavior problems.

10. 4 Calming Techniques for Kids and Adults
What if you could slow everything down for a while? Try these tips to recharge and manage stress.

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Thank you for all you do to help your students succeed. From all of us at CPI, we wish you Happy Holidays and a safe and successful 2017!

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