CPI Delivers! To All Corners of the World 

May 15, 2015
Two pairs of hands clasped together.

Brittle ground crunched beneath my boots. The sea stretched out before me, calm, blue . . . and utterly frozen as far as I could see (which was pretty far in that clear, crisp air).
Yet as I stood alongside that becalmed Arctic Sea, I couldn’t help but be amazed: Look how far the CPI message has spread.
A glance at our About Us page will show you how humble CPI’s beginnings were here in the Midwest. Now we’ve carried our philosophy, mission, and training to all corners of the world—even Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, which is part of the Canadian Arctic, which is where I was standing right now.
Yep: CPI is in the Arctic!


Here’s what I observed during my time bringing Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to a group in Cambridge Bay:
The Arctic does not have an open restaurant.
Nobody discusses where to go for dinner because there isn’t anywhere to go for dinner. There is no, “Do you feel like Italian, or Chinese?” There is no, “I don’t feel like cooking tonight—let’s order take-out.”
But there IS one restaurant in town!
But it’s only open on payday.
But: The Arctic has CPI.
The Arctic has no reliable power.
The generators like to play hide-and-go-seek with their power. They also give in way too easily and shut off randomly, leaving the town in a cold darkness.
But: The Arctic has CPI.
The Arctic does not have the color green.
There were no trees, plants, or foliage for hundreds of miles in any direction. No trees, plants, or foliage means no green. So CPI is more widespread than the color green . . .
Because the Arctic has CPI.
The Arctic grocery store had no fresh fruits or vegetables.
We checked all the aisles. Nope. I suppose if there is no color green to begin with, foods that grow out of the color green wouldn’t be handy either. Imagine a training philosophy being more widespread than bananas!
But it’s easy to imagine it now, because . . .
The Arctic has CPI.
I did thoroughly enjoy my journey “up North” and the wonderful people I met. Till next time, this is your intrepid adventurer signing off.