I Am an Unfinished Circle

February 17, 2017
Two pairs of hands clasped together.

Coriann Forsythe is a ninth grader who has a wonderful gift for showing us the depth and scope of her world. When she was in eighth grade, she wrote “I Am an Unfinished Circle,” a poem describing her feelings and experience. I learned of her talent during a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® course I taught, where a participant shared Coriann’s poem during a presentation on Precipitating Factors. With permission from Coriann and her family, here is a look inside her struggles, her talent, and her heart.

I am an unfinished circle.

I may not be perfect,
Nor am I complete,
But I will try my earnest,
To keep those I meet,
Safe, from the monster inside of me.

But befriending me may take a while,
For I am shielded nearly all places to be,
With a mask that keeps me safe and docile.

It is a precaution, for me, and for you,
For if my barrier is ever damaged, broken, or lost,
My demons will charge through.

On some days, I feel them beating,
Making me feel like I'm bleeding.
So if my shield ever breaks, and my demon unchained,
Whatever you do, do not feel frightened.

Happiness, laughter, and love, are all it takes,
To keep the chains, firm in place.

I am an unfinished circle.

— Coriann Forsythe

I think Coriann's poem is beautiful and brave. What do you think?

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