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Trillium Family Services Oregon

The Impact of CPI Training

  • Creates a safe, healing environment
  • Equips staff with a common language
  • Boosts staff confidence


Trillium Family Services is Oregon’s largest provider of mental health services to children and young adults. Many of the youth receiving treatment at Trillium have experienced severe trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The staff at Trillium needed additional training to support the trauma-induced behavior their patients were exhibiting.

Kyle Dolmage, clinical program manager at Trillium, explained, “Patients often have early-attachment disruptions; they display behaviors that test whether the adults around them can keep them safe or the environment safe. We know that our staff are going to need a lot of tools to keep themselves safe and to keep the youth in our care safe.”


CPI training was rolled out to all Trillium staff. Also, every new staff member must attend a week-long training seminar called Academy Week, which includes CPI training.

“It’s vital that we have staff trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention because that creates the safety and environment that’s needed for healing.”

Kyle Dolmage
Clinical Program Manager, Trillium Family Services


Today, all Trillium staff share a common language and a greater understanding of trauma-induced behaviors, allowing them to prevent situations from escalating when a patient is experiencing distress. Additional funding has also helped the organization develop a robust Certified Instructor program, consisting of eight instructors per region.

All of this has enabled Trillium to grow and expand their services to help more young people receive the healing they need.

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