​About Us

Your job is hard. Our job is to help you make it easier.

When you work with people who lose control of their behavior, your days can be beyond difficult.

You work with humans who are struggling—and let’s face it:

We’re not the easiest species to get along with.

Take the kid who mouths off, skips school, starts fights, assaults staff, gets suspended, falls behind, and the cycle continues. He’s been in and out of hospitals, foster care, and juvie. He’s suffered horrific abuse. He’s nearly drowned in drug addiction.

Now he’s in his late twenties, he’s been clean for five years, and he’s working with at-risk youth, trying to prevent for them what had happened to him. He comes to training, and he runs into the only teacher who ever treated him with respect. She’s there for a renewal program. He gets to tell her that she’s the only teacher who ever treated him with respect. And she gets to hear that. She gets to see the progress that’s due, in part, to her kindness.

That’s one reason why in 1980, three remarkable guys founded CPI.

Nearly 40 years ago, Gene J. Wyka Sr., Gene T. Wyka, and AlGene Caraulia Sr. created easy-to-use models for crisis prevention and intervention. They drew from disciplines such as kinesics, psychology, physiology, and communication to create Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.

They began by teaching mental health professionals how to keep patients safe in crisis moments. And how to stay safe as staff. Since then, over 10 million professionals from all walks of life have been trained in our research-based best practices for violence prevention.

Our founders gave us the middle name of Prevention for a reason.

Because prevention has always been and will always be the heart of everything we do. Our founders wanted to give you simple strategies to make your workplace safer. And every day we hear how our customers use our training to do exactly that.

Your work is hard. So we teach you how to de-escalate difficult situations. And how to prevent them from occurring at all.

Mike-Taglione.png“If we all implement these tools and techniques, I honestly believe that the world would be a better place.” —Mike Taglione, Facilities Support Assistant, Common Ground


We do this by training you in the language of behavior.

How to recognize behavior as a form of communication. How to prevent it from escalating. How to respond appropriately if it threatens safety. How to get in front of it and stay in front of it to minimize the chances of it happening again. And it’s all built on the bedrock values of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠.

We help you improve lives at every age.

From children to teens to adults, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training helps you de-escalate tense situations with people of all ages. And to help you serve clients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias even better, we added Dementia Care Specialists’ Dementia Capable Care training and consulting to our platform in 2009. DCS was founded in 1999 by Kim Warchol OTR/L, and for nearly a decade now, Kim and team have partnered with us to grow our shared mission to help you enhance the function, safety, and quality of life of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The people who come to us for training are dedicated heroes.

They have profound compassion and immense skills in their fields to begin with. They enhance that compassion and deepen their skills with us. Then they take what they’ve learned back to their workplaces, and they champion safety for their coworkers and the people in their care.

Are you one of our heroes?

We hope so. We want to be one of yours too.

Training Programs

The cornerstone of CPI is the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program. Considered the global standard for crisis prevention and intervention training, its proven strategies give you the skills and confidence to safely and effectively respond to anxious, hostile, or violent behaviour while balancing the responsibilities of care.

With total solutions for dementia care providers, Dementia Care Specialists empowers professionals to deliver exceptional care based on a client’s best ability to function. Through unparalleled staff training and consulting, DCS helps improve function, safety, and quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s/dementia.

Our Mission

The Crisis Prevention Institute’s mission is to reduce the likelihood and severity of workplace violence incidents. We advance our mission by training professionals in time-tested strategies, by equipping organizations with confident and productive employees, and by helping you give the people you serve a safe and compassionate environment in which to live, learn, and thrive. Through staff training, premium resources, and unrivaled support, we set the global standard for behaviour management training, and help you make life better for people all around the world.

Not sure which program is best for you?We're here to help.