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February 5, 2014
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Ever wonder how you can get more CEUs to help with your job and career?
CPI can help. I’m excited to address what’s new, what’s pertinent, and what’s coming for approvals and changes, both in the CEU world and here at CPI.
And now for the stuff that sounds a little boring but is actually kinda electrifying . . . drumroll, please!
We have numerous continuing education approvals that are valid for a variety of professions in numerous states. The majority of these approvals are available at no cost to the participants of the trainings provided directly by CPI, or through a Certified Instructor who’s authorized to teach CPI training programs within their organization.
CPI seeks Continuing Education Units approvals for trainings provided by our own staff, whom we refer to as Global Professional Instructors. In many cases (but not all), the approvals we receive also allow participants from Certified-Instructor-provided programs to also receive CEUs.
Many governing boards have unique and specific requirements for trainings they’ll accept for CEUs. Please keep in mind that it’s a participant’s responsibility to ensure—before attending a training—that the training meets the standards and criteria required by the governing board of that specific profession and state. Take a look at our CEU page for a list of the current approvals for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. Also check out the list of current approvals for Dementia Capable Care training.
I’m excited to address more CEU topics and to look at new and exciting approvals and changes here at CPI. The world of continuing education is a wonderful place. Let’s explore it together.
Keep an eye out for more posts to come, and let me know—what questions do you have about getting CEUs for your trainings?

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