If Only We Listen, They Will Be Heard

April 14, 2016
Karishma Minocha
A woman talking to another woman and writing something in a notebook.

I wrote this poem to show gratitude to social workers for all they do for our seniors, and to show how essential it is to care with compassion and patience. I hope it brings a bright light to you and our elders.

If Only We Listen, They Will Be Heard

Once upon a time they too had a life of their own.
A life with purpose, laughter, and milestones.

They are someone’s best friend, loving mother, hard-working father,
Warm wife, caring husband, mischievous son, or innocent daughter.

They were a nurse who healed wounds, a teacher who broadened children’s horizons,
a singer who shared their love for music, or an officer who served for the safety of their city.

Walking with their chests out with pride, hearts full of dreams, and smiles on their faces,
They felt deeply valued in their community.

Overall they were a shoulder to lean on,
But little did they realize that with time’s progression this too would be gone.

Fast forward to many years later,
Where the emotional, mental, and physical health decline has never been greater.

Their bones, eyes, ears, memory, heart, and so much more have become weak.
A guiding light, a hand to hold, and an empathetic individual is who they seek.

Someone who will make a commitment to be their listening ear,
And be by their side to wipe away their fears and tears.

A being like no other who is devotedly making a difference,
Because they know how to care for them with the utmost reverence.

They keep the families together through guidance, reassurance, and consolation,
And go above and beyond everyday without hesitation.

They are observant and truly interpret what is being said to them,
As it can be seen they really are a gem.

Let us take a moment to show our gratitude to our social workers,
As genuine appreciation for everything they do is in order.

As all we have to say is they truly epitomize the words,
If only we listen, they will be heard.

About the Author: Karishma Minocha is director of marketing at Care Street Home Care, where she works with social workers to ensure safe discharges for clients. Her poem was inspired by Judah Schuster, administrator at Care Street, who originated the quote “If only we listen, they will be heard.” Karishma wrote the poem to celebrate social workers during Social Work Month and beyond, to shine a light on the challenges and rewards of their job, and the lives and hearts of our elders. To contact Karishma, please feel free to send her an email.

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