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CPI Training for Dementia Care Providers

Our person-centred training programs provide an understanding of individuals living with dementia and teach safe de-escalation techniques to minimize distress behaviour.

CPI Courses

Dementia Training Programs

CPI’s online dementia training certificates focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of individuals living with dementia and their care staff. Caregivers are taught empathetic approaches to behaviour management that prioritize quality of life.

Dementia Capable Care Training
Teaches staff to safely de-escalate distressing situations and reduce pharmacological interventions with a person-centred approach to dementia care.
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Verbal Intervention Training
Ideal for dementia care roles that require a hands-off approach. Staff learn verbal de-escalation strategies informed by an understanding of the reason behind the distressing behaviour.
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
Teaches staff caring for dementia patients how to de-escalate crisis situations with both restrictive and nonrestrictive techniques.
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The Need for Effective Dementia Training

As a segment of the world’s population enters its later years, the prevalence of dementia and the need for effective care increases as well. Dementia training can mitigate the strain on caregivers. The positive impacts can be felt at both the staff and patient levels.

Improving quality of life
Dementia training empowers caregivers to provide personalized care that greatly improves the quality of life of their patients. This approach creates a supportive environment that preserves patients’ dignity and independence instead of restricting it.
Fostering empathy and understanding
CPI’s dementia training modules provide a person-centred framework for care partners that foster’s the empathy necessary for building trust. The result is dementia care that resonates at the personal level.
Reducing caregiver stress
CPI's dementia courses teach staff the dementia basics and effective strategies for managing distressing behaviour. This can reduce caregiver burnout and increase job satisfaction.

Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

Impacting Organizational Growth and Quality of Dementia Care

Leaders at St. Croix Hospice share the positive impact Dementia Capable Care Training has had on their organization’s growth and the quality of care for the individuals they serve.

Improving Our Communication: With Those Living With Dementia

As facility and family caregivers, it’s important to understand the person living with dementia and not just their current stage of cognition. Our free resource provides some helpful strategies to increase your awareness and improve how you communicate with individuals experiencing cognitive challenges.

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The Sustainable Impact of CPI Training

Our evidence-based crisis prevention programs have measurable impacts on the organizations we serve.

98% of customers have improved behavioural responses with dementia patients
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73% of customers agree dementia care training has provided a competitive edge View Success Story
75% improvement in dementia care

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“Change is often difficult for families to accept and adjust to, but the training has provided an ability to unemotionally point out the subtleties of behavioural changes that accompany dementia and the steps that can be taken to prevent further complications.”
Mary Jean Lafata, CNSHome Health & Hospice

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