Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation 107


August 31, 2011
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Effective August 31, 2011, Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Regulation 107 was amended to include new requirements to protect workers from violence in the workplace. Key changes include the requirement that workplaces providing public services develop and follow a violence prevention policy. According to the legislation, employers must:

  • Develop and implement a violence prevention policy at the workplace.
  • Train workers in the violence prevention policy.
  • Ensure that workers comply with the violence prevention policy.

CPI Can Help You Meet the Regulation

We encourage you to act now to meet your province's requirements. We can provide training and certify key staff members to train additional staff through our train-the-trainer programs. With CPI training, your staff can learn proven methods to prevent workplace violence, decrease disruptive incidents, lower the risk of injury, improve workplace relationships, and reduce exposure to liability.

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