MAPA® – Now known as CPI Verbal Intervention & CPI Safety Intervention

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We have taken the term MAPA® which was used to describe the full curriculum and divided it into two distinct programmes: Verbal Intervention™ enables you to teach all the CPI preventative approaches and Safety Intervention™ enables you to teach all the CPI preventative interventions plus the disengagements and/or holding skills. Dividing the MAPA® curriculum into these two distinct programmes gives a clearer focus on prevention and addresses concerns that the MAPA® programme was only about ‘restraint’.

What Our Customers Say

Staff feel better prepared to manage deceleration and de-escalation and not to rely on holding skills. Staff also report that, in many years of working, they are really impressed how much they learned from a 5-day programme and realised they should question their own practice more.

 Sarah Ward-Greef
Sarah Ward-Greef Professional Trainer St Andrew's Healthcare

CPI training has improved understanding, confidence and competence of the team. The service users are also more understanding and receptive to earlier de-escalation strategies.

Penelope Kelly
Penelope Kelly General Manager Fairmont Residential Limited

CPI has married together our person-centred care with our approach to crisis.

Liz Norton
Liz Norton Learning & Development Manager Church Farm Nursing Home

Pupils and staff feel safer and are more relaxed as they know that they are not going to be held or are very unlikely to have to use physical intervention to manage a situation.

Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor Co-Principal Wishmore Cross Academy

It has made staff more aware of the skills they have at their disposal prior to using restraint. By practising these in refresher training it brings out the best in the staff and enhances their confidence.

Alan Walker
Alan Walker Health Unit Coordinator Dumfries & Galloway Council
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