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Neuroscience-Based Training for Educators

Kids carry more than their backpacks to school. They carry traumas, insecurities, pressures, and anxieties from their everyday lives. Reframing Behavior is a new schoolwide training program that unpacks the latest neuroscience research to help all educators build a more positive, supportive learning environment and prevent disruptive behavior.

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What You’ll Get

An annual schoolwide subscription of Reframing Behavior includes:

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Professional Development
Day Curriculum

Available for blended or all-classroom delivery

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Learning Library

Full access to online modules and additional resources

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Activities for Professional
Learning Communities

Prompts designed to reinforce learnings at staff meetings

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Implementation Training
and Ongoing Support

Assistance with content setup and schoolwide rollout plan

Bring Reframing Behavior to Your School or District

We’re here to help answer your questions about schoolwide implementation and pricing to fit your needs and budget.

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Create a Framework for Change

The training program is built on four key elements:

Reframe Your Perspective
Understand how neuroscience connects to learning, behavior, and mental health.
Reframe Your Awareness
Practice emotional regulation through simple interactive experiences.
Reframe Your Actions
Assume behavior is not solely a matter of choice.
Reframe Your Relationships
Learn powerful relationship skills and apply them to common situations and behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an annual subscription of Reframing Behavior cost?

Tiered pricing is available based on the number of schools in a district and/or the number of teachers in a school. Connect with us to discuss the right price for your school or district.

How is Reframing Behavior rolled out at a school?

Each school will designate one (1) Reframing Behavior Facilitator, who is trained on all course material by CPI. The Facilitator is then responsible for training their staff and overseeing the program’s success. Once staff are trained, they will be granted full, on-demand access to the Learning Library.

What’s included in the Learning Library?

The Learning Library includes several digital resources available on-demand, including course micro-learnings, articles, book summaries, videos, and suggested Professional Learning Community activities.

If you have additional questions about Reframing Behavior, please feel free to contact us.

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