Renew Your CPI Certification

Certified Instructors must attend renewal training every two years to maintain their certification. Our renewal process sharpens your confidence and skills, through refreshed scenarios and networking with your peers to learn from their unique experiences.

Maintain Your Certification and Skills

To build and maintain staff skills in de-escalation and crisis prevention, training must be an ongoing process. Renewing your CPI certification every two years allows you to uphold your Certified Instructor status and ensures you are providing your organization with the most updated techniques and resources.

By following these best practices, you’re helping your organization achieve and sustain its skill development goals for you and your staff.

Certified Instructors

To help gauge proficiency and prevent training drift, we require Certified Instructors to attend a program facilitated by CPI every two years.

This ensures your success in instructing staff on any restrictive and non-restrictive intervention skills, empowering them and instilling confidence in their ability to address all levels of risk behavior. And a team of empowered staff means greater support for your organization.

Find a Renewal Program

Your Trained Staff

Your organization’s policy should determine how frequently staff need to be re-trained. We recommend that Certified Instructors conduct refresher training for staff at least once every 6-12 months, and in accordance with CPI’s recommended practices for content and program length.

Renew and Enhance Your Training with a Specialty Topic

Specialty Topic training is available alongside our foundational Verbal Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, and NCI With Advanced Physical Skills programs. When you renew your certification, consider adding one of our specialty topics below to enhance your training for specific staff roles and the individuals you serve.

Provides the skills to understand the impact trauma has on behavior and how a trauma-informed approach can help better meet the needs of those in your care.
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Mental Health
Learn to identify mental health disorders and address the stigma surrounding them empathetically.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Provides a greater understanding of the characteristics of autism and how to safely apply proactive intervention strategies when working with the individuals in your care.
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