Who Wants to Drive?

March 11, 2009
Two pairs of hands clasped together.

Took a road trip to my latest training city recently. I opted to drive instead of fly as I figured the amount of time needed to go through the whole airport/flying routine was more than the amount of time needed for driving. I like to drive as it gives me a feeling of control over how I get from point A to point B. You definitely give up any control over your fate the moment you enter an airport. That loss of personal power is probably the reason so many people get irate when they fly.

If we compare the two forms of travel we find that when you drive, YOU choose the time of departure. When you fly, THEY choose the time of departure and that time is frequently wrong and delayed. You sit in a prison-like terminal, constantly reminded by the intercom overhead that there is currently a code polka dot in place and to watch your personal belongings and any suspicious characters dressed like maintenance personnel. You sit and pray hoping there will be no (flight cancellations, strikes, mechanical problems, weather delays, gate designation changes, flight crew snafus, etc.). Meanwhile, the kid sitting across from you at the gate is making faces and staring at you. This, however, is preferable compared to the businessman seated next to you screaming into his cell phone about how much he hates his lawyer.

When you drive, you stop and eat whatever, whenever, wherever and with whomever you want to. When you fly these days food is denied unless you are in a premium class. If you are in the cattle car you will be supplied with an assortment of bone-dry wheat mix, yesterday’s crustless sandwiches and questionable cheese-like products whose expiration date has already expired. For this you will pay (cash only) a small fortune and if you would like an adult beverage you have to redo your monthly budget to accommodate your purchase. This tasty meal will be eaten on a postage stamp-sized tray while seated next to the kid who was staring at you at the gate. What makes the meal experience even more enjoyable is that she keeps poking you with the finger that she had up her nose.

When you drive, you choose the route and can determine, almost to the minute, when you will arrive at your destination. When you fly, they will transport you from NYC to Milwaukee, but only after a connection in Atlanta. That’s like picking up a bread roll, throwing it across the room, going to pick it up and bringing it back to your table so that you can eat it. As far as arriving on time, most of the time they actually do a pretty good job, but when they mess up, BOY do they mess up. Forget any plans that you had or people you were going to see, because by the time you arrive, they will have forgotten all about you.

Another nice thing about driving is packing whatever you want in your suitcase. You don’t have to worry about restrictions in your carry-on luggage because you have no carry-on luggage. My daughter Angela sneaked her little dolly into my suitcase before I left. I found it as I unpacked. What a nice reminder of how precious family and children truly are. Who wants to drive? I do, I do!

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