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Currently, CPI and/or the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program are recognized for continuing education by the following entities:

Now Print Contact Hour Letters for your Participants!

You as a Certified Instructor can now print contact hour verification letters for your participants! The process has become automated in an effort to provide simplicity and convenience. Once a training is submitted under your instructor profile there is now an option to print contact hour letters for your participants.

Please enter all training information carefully (training participants, expiration dates, etc.), as all letters are automatically generated and will reflect the submitted information. Errors will require the Certified Instructor to contact the Quality and Validation Department manually to have letters corrected. This also includes using nicknames and surnames. Once the training has been entered, simply view the training on your list and there will be a button that reads “Print CEU letters."

*Note: It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that training meets the continuing education requirements of their respective board. The contact hour letters are not a guarantee for CEs/CEUs. Many licensing boards will approve training accepted by one of the many boards that have already approved the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training Program content. If you have questions concerning training requirements contact a member of the specific board to find out if the training will meet their requirements for continuing education.

Falsification of continuing education documentation is taken very seriously by licensing boards, and can result in a variety of penalties to include fines, loss of licensure, and criminal charges.*

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