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Information about Continuing Education
CPI maintains a variety of program approvals, accreditations, sponsorships, and providerships through numerous entities for continuing education. Each entity is governed by its own set of rules and policies, and uses its own terminology with respect to credits, hours, and units and how they are calculated.

It’s important to note that CPI does not issue credits of any kind.
We work with the various boards and licensing organizations so that they have the appropriate information and fees in order to recognize our training program as in compliance with their requirements.

To find approvals and accreditations in your region or field, click the button that applies to you:

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What if when I clicked to find approvals, accreditations, sponsorships, and providerships, I didn’t find what I was looking for?
Because CPI trains individuals from different countries, states, and professions, it’s not possible for us to apply to all licensing and certifying boards for continuing education approval.

Can I submit training hours to an organization that’s not on your list?
If there is an organization to which you would like to submit CPI training hours, and it is not listed on the pages you can access via the buttons above, please contact the organization directly and inquire about their requirements for recognizing trainings.

Many organizations will simply accept the Certificate of Attendance that CPI issues to those who attend our training programs conducted by our staff of Global Professional Instructors. In some cases, organizations request copies of the course’s outline and training objectives. If you need copies of a program outline, please email ceu@crisisprevention.com.

Will you apply with an organization that I request?
CPI is continually reviewing the approvals, accreditations, etc., that we maintain. If you would like us to consider applying with a specific entity or organization, please email the name of the entity, along with pertinent contact information, to ceu@crisisprevention.com.

Can a staff member who has participated in CPI training—but is not a Certified Instructor—get Continuing Education?
Generally, the approvals, accreditations, sponsorships, and providerships that CPI maintains are valid only for programs taught by our Global Professional Instructors. Please contact the Board directly to inquire about their requirements for recognizing your trainings.

Have more questions? We’re happy to help! Just email ceu@crisisprevention.com.